Session Testimonials

Please note that every session is an individual experience. Tracye does not prescribe, diagnose, treat, or claim to cure. Please read full Disclosure Statement before scheduling a private session.

“Tracye is a truly authentic energy worker who facilitates healing in a way that makes a real difference. All of my experiences with Tracye are powerful, nonjudgmental, and healing in a way that creates better mind, body, and soul.” – Karen S., Mount Pleasant, SC

“Tracye’s work was right on target for what I needed. We addressed financial peace. I was beyond comfortable with Tracye and could tell in my body that our interaction was working. I noticed improvements, shifts, in my thoughts and had “aha” experiences over the following two weeks. Thank you, Tracye!” – Camille

“Last summer, I was struggling with low energy and a feeling that something just wasn’t right with my energy field. I worked with Tracye and she helped me release what was holding me back! I have since engaged Tracye to help with a long distance healing session for one of my daughters, who also saw great results. Tracye is compassionate, gifted and highly trained as a healing arts practitioner.” – P.J. Spur, Soul Revelations Healing Center

“I search for a professional who knows how to create a sacred space for healing, and that truly listens to an individual. Tracye does just that and more. She is a true professional utilizing her divine gifts to create the healing environment we all need.” – Cristina M., Lake Jackson, Texas

“Tracye is amazing! Her connection to Spirit is pure and divine. I felt so safe and truly blessed to be with her during my healing session. I was surprised at how easily my body relaxed and went into a ‘hypnotic’ state which allowed for the easy and graceful movement of energies that just no longer served me. She saw my two ‘Light Beings’ that work with me and described how they looked to her. She was able to balance my chakras and really help me to reach the next step in my life’s path. She is an earth angel of pure love, compassion, understanding, and devotion to helping others.” – Marie Georgopulos, Heart Transformations

“I have been blessed to receive hypnosis and an angel reading from Tracye that I am forever grateful for. Tracye has amazing insight and intuition. She is a wonderful channel of healing and love. Her ability to see and sense interdimensionally is profound. Tracye amazes me in every session. She is always, always spot on. She relays concepts, messages, and enlightenment that are irrefutably correct and crystal clear; but which I would have never arrived at on my own. Tracye’s honest loving spirit sets the tone for a wonderfully healing and informative experience. She is guided by angels with a wonderful vibrational energy and moves gracefully through the frequency of pure, unconditional love. Thank you, Tracye for sharing the gift of yourself with the world, for healing and loving and being you, and for the edification of my soul.” – Mary Catherine Miller, Master Hypnotist/Life Coach

“Words cannot describe my joy and gratitude for the amazing healing I experienced yesterday. It is still overflowing:) Tracye is an amazingly gifted healing “orchestrator”! I am FREE of the emotional baggage I’ve carried around since childhood that was manifesting now as blocks to bringing forth my purpose and gifts into the world and were also manifesting physically. The cancers on my back are healed today and I know that my entire body inside and out is made new. I went to the bank yesterday afternoon after the session and 3 people told me I was glowing. One person pointed it out to another….LOL. I do feel all glowy, clean, and new. Thank you so much Tracye. You are blessing beyond words! Believe me, if I have any clients I know can benefit from your gifts, they will be sent over ASAP.” – Intuitive Chef Gail/Food

“Tracye did one treatment of energy healing for me because motion sickness made traveling almost impossible. After the treatment, I no longer have motion sickness. It was associated with one of my little brothers who died at the age of five after breathing gas fumes. My motion sickness was caused by my mental knowledge that automobiles run on gas. Tracye also did a hypnosis treatment for allergies and immune system. Immediately after the session, I had to make a long trip home that always left me very tired, but not this time. I still had energy to spare. Tracye will amaze you!!” – D.B., Murchison, Texas

“I just wanted to thank you again for that AMAZING healing session you did with me! Wow! I came home and took about a three hour nap! My nose stopped running too! My body is less stiff and achy. I haven’t had neck stiffness since you cleared out the gunk!!! I can’t wait to have another session.” – C.M., Plano, Texas

“Tracye has a very supportive, caring and professional approach in helping others to attain their goals and/or overcome any blockades in their quest to change their life for the better. I feel very comfortable in recommending Tracye.” – Thomas Terlikowski, Positive Touch Enterprise

“Tracye Eppler is an incredible person to work with. I’ve had one on one sessions with her and have also taken several classes. It has been a transforming experience. I was filled with so much anger and had severe panic attacks, all of which has been changing into calmness, forgiveness, and peace. She is the absolute best!! I would recommend her to anyone who truly wants a better way of living and being!” – Dona H., Coppell, Texas

“My hypnosis session with Tracye was amazing. It was so much more than I expected…more than I even dared to hope for. It was extraordinary! Tracye is extremely knowledgeable and experienced, and she patiently took the time needed to get all my questions answered. She is a very capable and committed professional with incredible expertise. I would welcome the opportunity for further exposure to her skills. She truly commands my respect.” – Jeri C., Euless, Texas

“Her gentle demeanor, her unquestioning trust of her higher awareness and deepest instincts, her profound insight into not only what she seemed quite clearly aware of, but her reassuring way of conveying it in a most helpful and memorable way…all stick out in my mind…and I have referenced the information shared with me at that time…many times since, and found it to be most useful and reliable.” – Steven Lightspring, President/Founder

“Tracye, your spiritual touch is exactly what I need right now for healing. Thank you so much for helping me to explore and contemplate. You are the real deal.” Gaylan in Texas

“Tracye’s healing sessions changed my life. After suffering many years from several diseases, and taking medications for over 3 years, Tracye changed my life overnight! Tracye was able to target my illnesses and identify how and where they came from as well as show me how to let go of them. I felt the changes taking place during our session, it actually moved me. I was spending over $500.00 per month in medications and supplements, after one session I was able to stop the supplements altogether. I am grateful for her services and praise her work daily. I have used Tracye for additional sessions and services and have been thrilled each time I use her. I found Tracye when I was physically exhausted and at my wits end trying to heal myself. I hope that others don’t have to endure what I did, and take advantage of the wonderful intuitive healing services Tracye offers.” – Raquel, Austin, Texas

“Tracye is very gifted with wonderful intuitive abilities. Her Angels and Spirit Guides assisted her throughout my hypnosis session. Her expert skills and her soft spoken guided imagery were key points that led me right where I needed to go within my session. Tears of profound joy were running down my cheeks as I was able to obtain the answer to the question that I had brought with me. Tracye also did an angel reading for me at another time. Her guidance for me was spot on. I highly recommend Tracye’s hypnosis sessions and her glorious angel readings. In deepest gratitude to Tracye.” – Carolyn Ann O’Riley, Hypnotist/Author