Phone and Skype Sessions

Wholistic Life Energy Coaching recognizes that the Whole of us is made up of four major parts…mind, body, spirit, and soul. Sometimes these parts are in disagreement with what we want to accomplish or experience. Old beliefs and emotional baggage along with limited perspectives and lack of understanding are usually to blame. As a result, the mind will give us a lot of negative self-talk. The spirit will cry out that we are denying our truth, and the soul wants us to acknowledge what we don’t yet understand. Finally in response, the energy system of the body will be disrupted compromising our health and well-being. Needless to say, this interferes with our best efforts. Any area of our life can be adversely affected: personal, professional, financial, family, social, physical, and/or spiritual. Through a process of spiritual alignment, harmony can be restored.

We begin with an intuitive life energy reading. Your body’s life energy field reflects the core issues creating disharmony.  We will then align your life energy so that it resonates with what you want to accomplish or experience. The spiritual alignment process  includes energetic, subconscious, and superconscious techniques to shift your vibrational state of being and perceiving. Our objective is for your mind, body, spirit, and soul to reach a harmonious agreement in favor of your desired outcome: the mind at peace, the body relaxed, the spirit celebrating truth, and the soul in expanded awareness. This harmony and balance in your inner world will be the catalyst that brings harmony and balance to your outer world. With a shift in energy, perspective, and clarity, you consciously and unconsciously chose to live life differently.

I end our sessions making sure that you are set up for success with whatever wisdom, affirmations, and practical inspired action steps are needed to integrate the new energies and perspectives. Your willingness and initiative from this point will keep you moving toward your goal and sustaining your new positive alignment.

At the end of your first and each session, we discuss how best to move forward. Some attain their goal with one session while others may take a little longer.

I conduct sessions conveniently by phone, mobile FaceTime app, or Skype video.
You can download Skype for computer or download Skype app for mobile phones.

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