Classes and Workshops

A list of upcoming and ongoing classes and workshops are listed below. Details and descriptions can be found on the Holistic & Energy Healing Events Meetup when they are scheduled.

The best way to stay up-to-date on upcoming classes and workshops is to join both the Holistic & Energy Healing Events Meetup and/or to also “Like” Tracye’s Facebook business page in order to receive notifications. Some classes and workshops include a Skype video option and will mention this in the description when it is being offered.  In-person classes and workshops are held in Richardson, Texas.

  • “Weight Loss from the Inside Out” – mini-workshop. – TBA
  • “Meditations that Raise Our Vibrations” – TBA
  • “Who Were You in a Past Life” – 2-hr experiential workshop. – TBA
  • “Soul Contracts” – mini-workshop. – TBA
  • “Group Energy Clearing” – TBA
  • “The Power of Energetic Prayer” – TBA
  • “Meet Your Spiritual Guides” – TBA
  • “Heal Your Body with the Power of Your Mind” – TBA
  • “Quartz Crystal Clearing, Purposing, Charging” – TBA
  • “Ascension Program”
  • “Creating Sacred Space” – TBA
  • “Group Clearing with InnerSpeak Cards” – TBA

You may notice by all the TBA’s that Tracye is taking a short hiatus from presenting some of her classes and workshops. She continues to schedule private sessions during this time. Any questions contact Tracye.