Ascension Program

Ascension Program Fall 2017 with Tracye Eppler, MHt.

Sunday, Oct 15, 2017, 3:00 PM

My Heart Reiki
1113 Hampshire Lane, Suite 8 Richardson, TX

7 Seekers Attending

Excited to get this on the schedule for this year. Accepting RSVPs now for limited space event. Personal and world events set before us by the Universe are forcing us to question who we are and why we are here. Support your life energy with awareness and clarity.Three Sundays: October 15, 22, and 29 from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm.  (Tracye’s signature 6-…

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For those seeking advanced spiritual development.

According to the Ascended Masters, a necessary piece of our ability to carry a higher vibration for creating, manifesting, and fulfilling our soul’s purpose is to develop a “Light Heart.” In 2012, Tracye asked the Ascended Masters what she could do to help with mankind’s ascension. She was inspired to design an Ascension Program, which she has offered a couple times a year. For Fall 2017, this program is being taught in three modules over three weeks. To participate one must be a mentally healthy adult over the age of 18.


Higher and purer vibrations of love and light from the ever-changing alignment of the Universe are constantly bathing Mother Earth. As we become aware of these high vibration energies and learn how to align with them, we also learn more about who we are and why we are here. These higher vibrations awaken us, heal us, and bring new opportunities for growth and transformation. These vibrations are Light and resonate with all aspects of Love.

The desire of our Ascended Masters is to help us continue to evolve as beings of Light on our way to an ascended state. They have shown us a way to align with these higher vibrations and benefit from them in our daily lives. With their guidance, Tracye will lead us through the process of energetic alignment that will create within us a lighter heart or what our Ascended Masters refer to as a “Light Heart.”

The benefits are based on the individual, but many have reported better clarity, clearer connection to Divinity, resolution of aches and pains from stuck energy, higher quality energy as energy healers, shift in the quality of life experiences, improved relationships, greater authenticity, and a deeper sense of peace and spiritual awareness.

Some of what one will experience includes:

  • Energetic cleansing of the chakras, aura, and of energetic cords that keep us bound to repetitive earthly experiences.
  • Powerful perspective shifts through hypnotic visualizations and meditations.
  • Spiritual exercises that help develop higher awareness and Divine connection.
  • Practices for attaining the higher vibrational states of unconditional love, joy, and bliss.
  • Meditations to connect with one’s personal Higher Spiritual Guide that assists with an ascended life path.
  • Energetic alignment with the highest ascension vibrations one is able to comfortably hold at this time.
  • Exercises, practices, and meditation assignments each week to support ascended living.

Each module builds on the last to prepare the body, mind, and spirit for carrying and maintaining the higher vibrations of the Light Heart. To get the most benefit out of the program, it is recommended to complete the three modules as scheduled, and classes must be taken in order. This program evolves with the latest vibrations of the Universe making it beneficial to repeat the program when one feels the need or calling.

Join the  Holistic & Energy Healing Events Meetup and stay updated on this event. Location is Richardson, Texas.  If you would be interested in an audio recording edited for those who cannot be physically present, please contact me, and I will email you when it comes available. Cost is still under consideration.

If you have any questions, please contact Tracye.

“Tracye’s ascension class was the nudge I needed in my life. I feel awakened! In such a short amount of time my life has dramatically changed and major shifts have finally taken place. The class was a catalyst to abundance in my life both personally and professionally. Unbelievable and amazing!” -Jessica Arroyo, Haute Healer Wellness

“I am so very appreciative to have the opportunity to join this class. Not only is Tracye a wonderful spiritual teacher and guide, she provides individual messages and feedback to assist each person on their spiritual journey. This class is for anyone seeking to elevate their energy for personal and spiritual development. Thank you, Tracye! It has been an amazing experience!” – Jennifer Cunnings Warrington, My Heart Reiki

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