Ascension Program Testimonials

“Tracye’s ascension class was the nudge I needed in my life. I feel awakened! In such a short amount of time my life has dramatically changed and major shifts have finally taken place. The class was a catalyst to abundance in my life both personally and professionally. Unbelievable and amazing!” -Jessica Arroyo, Haute Healer Wellness

“I am so very appreciative to have the opportunity to join this class. Not only is Tracye a wonderful spiritual teacher and guide, she provides individual messages and feedback to assist each person on their spiritual journey. This class is for anyone seeking to elevate their energy for personal and spiritual development. Thank you, Tracye! It has been an amazing experience!” – Jennifer Cunnings Warrington, My Heart Reiki

“Tracye is a wholehearted and spiritual person with a strong connection to the spiritual world. This class is led by Tracye in assistance with her spiritual guides. Thank you, Tracye! This was an uplifting and empowering experience!” – N.K. Texas

“Tracye’s ascension class was a wonderful experience! She is a kind and patient teacher and goes out of her way to make sure you understand the information. She gently guides you to higher energy vibrations.”

“I came to the program with several attachments; one that has been with me for a long time causing anger, fear, and depression. Tracye helped me sever this dark energy, and I no longer experience the irritability and impatience that came of it. I feel lighter. Even my skin looks healthier, and my eyes are brighter. Thank you, Tracye” – G.G., Texas

“During my ascension process I felt a strong personal shift in my awareness…a sense of clarity. I am looking forward to continuing my spiritual journey and continuing to increase my vibrational energy.

“This class allowed me to truly open up and heal. It has changed so many perspectives for me and allowed me to flow with the energies.” – Emma