At the core of everything is energy. Even you.

I have been a life long student in the area of personal and spiritual growth, but it was during my search for better health that I discovered the mind-body-spirit-soul connection. The insights that followed completely changed my perspectives of life, death, and the afterlife along with my approach to health and happiness.

The key for me was found in several ancient Indian texts. It is the knowledge of the chakra centers and auric fields. This knowledge reveals the link between the mind, body, spirit, and soul. The chakras or “wheels” of energy are found within the body, and the auric field is a subtle electromagnetic energy that surrounds the body. These are visible to those with inner vision and felt by those energy sensitive. Whether or not one has been trained to sense this energy, our subconscious is certainly aware. It is evident in our behavior and language. We instinctively protect our personal space and are uncomfortable when a stranger stands too close. This is the boundary of our auric field. Consider the phrase, “He died of a broken heart.” The energy cords of love connecting two people at the heart chakra can be so strong that when these cords are severed, the physical heart can literally “break.”

Within our chakras and auric field are the energetic signatures of our past and present, and there are ribbons of energy that flow out toward our potential futures. They are a mirror of our subconscious and superconscious minds. They reflect our life situations, how we are responding, and why. When I “read” this energy map for you, it shows me where we need to balance and adjust your energy in order to realize your goals.

My studies into the realm of energy anatomy, intentional energy, the subconscious and superconscious minds, and the power of Words has provided me with the tools needed to transform this energy. Even after years in this field of work, I am still in awe and filled with gratitude when a client or student walks away stating, “That was exactly what I needed” or “I feel like a new person.”

My mission is to provide a safe and sacred space for you to align…mind, body, spirit, and soul…
​with the positive changes you want to make in every area of your life.​

I have combined all my learning and experience of this and more into a style of “wholistic” life energy coaching that will help you reach your personal, professional, and spiritual goals with confidence and clarity. Read the testimonials and listen to what my clients are sharing. Sign up for my e-newsletter to stay informed of the latest articles, classes, services, etc. I am also on Facebook and Instagram. ​​I invite you to join me in exploring and creating from this sacred space of Wholeness.

Spiritual Counseling as taught by Swami Kriyananda ~ MCKS Pranic Psychotherapy ~ MCKS Pranic Healing ~ Theta Healing ~ Usui Reiki Master Teacher ~ Advanced Emotional Freedom Techniques ~ Holistic Life Coaching ~ Crystal Healing ~ Meditation – Course in Self-Realization ~ Deepening Intuition ~ Ama-Deus Energy Healing Method ~ Advanced Integrated Energy Therapy ~ InnerSpeak ~ BodyTalk Access ~ Quantum Touch ~ Master Hypnotherapist ~ Transpersonal Hypnotherapist ~ Past Lives Hypnotherapist ~ Life Between Lives Hypnotherapist ~ Trinity Energy Progression™ Practitioner

Certified as a Master Transpersonal Hypnotist (MHt.) through the National Association of Transpersonal Hypnotherapists.


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Tracye shares how she discovered holistic healing and started her own path towards health and wholeness. Learn how her years of research and practice led her into the business of helping others find answers for their issues. She also discusses some of her services such as her healing light work and spiritual hypnosis.