Wholistic Life Energy Coaching is an alternative life coaching experience
​that integrates all parts of your Being…mind, body, spirit, and soul…
​for powerful and positive life changes.



“If the answers to what you are searching for were in the places you had already been looking, don’t you think you would have found them by now?” – Anonymous

I am Tracye Eppler. ​There was a time when I considered the mind, body, spirit, and soul to be four separate entities. I never gave it much thought otherwise until my search for better health led me into realms I could never have imagined. I began to explore the mind-body-spirit-soul connection and the role spiritual energy plays in our lives. The new realities literally changed me at the core of my being and altered the direction of my life. Since 2008, I have been living an empowered, inspired, and creative life along with sharing what I have learned with others through private sessions, classes, and workshops. Join me in stretching the imagination, challenging old beliefs, and moving beyond perceived limitations into Wholeness.

Wholeness is fulfillment.

Self-Healing ~ Personal Growth ~ Spiritual Development ~
Life Transformations and Transitions

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